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NRC Research Associateship Programs

at Space Science Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC 20375

Multiwavelength Pulsar Science
Kerr, Matthew (
Ray, Paul S. (

Event Details:

Monday, August 1, 2022


Naval Research Laboratory, DC, Space Science
Washington, DC,
United States

Opportunity at Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)

Multiwavelength Pulsar Science

The High Energy Astrophysics and Application Section is pursuing the study of neutron stars across the electromagnetic spectrum, and in particular pulsars, which are precise celestial clocks.  Our group actively uses the Fermi gamma-ray space telescope, the NICER X-ray telescope on the International Space Station, and several of the premiere ground-based radio telescopes for these studies. We also participate in pulsar timing array projects, including NANOGrav, aimed at detecting the low frequency gravitational wave background. 

We invite applications from candidates interested in pulsar and other neutron star studies, including pulsar searches at multiple wavelengths, methods for characterizing timing noise and glitches in photon-based and radio data, software development for pulsar timing, and related topics. 

Open to Postdoctoral applicants that are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.


  • Base Stipend: $87,198.00
  • Travel Allotment: $3,000.00

Advisers: Kerr, Matthew phone: 202.767.1217 and Ray, Paul S. phone: 202.404.1619

Note: NRL Research Associateship Awards are made for one year. Awards may be renewed for a second and third year, upon mutual agreement. NRC application deadlines are throughout the year (quarterly) with the next four being: 11/01/2021, 02/01/2022, 05/01/2022, 08/01/2022

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