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NRC Research Associateship Programs

at Space Science Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC 20375

X-ray Instrument and Mission Development
Cheung, Teddy CC (
Kerr, Matthew (
Ray, Paul S. (

Event Details:

Monday, August 1, 2022


Naval Research Laboratory, DC, Space Science
Washington, DC,
United States

Opportunity at Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)

X-ray Instrument and Mission Development

The High Energy Space Environment Branch at NRL has an active program in X-ray astronomy and related applications, and we are seeking candidates interested in X-ray instrumentation and mission concept development. We have a strong interest in X-ray timing and spectral studies of compact sources (neutron stars, black holes, and white dwarfs), particularly X-ray pulsars and low-mass X-ray binaries. We also work on applied topics such as the use of X-ray pulsars as natural sources of navigation and timekeeping information. We collaborate closely with NASA/GSFC and will use the modulated X-ray sources developed there to test X-ray instrument concepts built at NRL.

The successful candidate will have the experience necessary to build and operate laboratory instrumentation involving X-ray optics, detectors, and electronics. In addition to the hardware work, the candidate will have the opportunity to work on science with current missions including NICER, Fermi, NuSTAR, and Swift. The candidate will also contribute to new mission concept development from small instruments hosted on DOD spacecraft to the probe-class NASA mission concept STROBE-X.

Open to Postdoctoral applicants that are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.


  • Base Stipend: $87,198.00
  • Travel Allotment: $3,000.00

Advisers: Cheung, Teddy CC phone: 202.404.7202, Kerr, Matthew phone: 202.767.1217 and Ray, Paul S. phone: 202.404.1619

Note: NRL Research Associateship Awards are made for one year. Awards may be renewed for a second and third year, upon mutual agreement. NRC application deadlines are throughout the year (quarterly) with the next four being: 11/01/2021, 02/01/2022, 05/01/2022, 08/01/2022

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