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Postdoc position working for gamma-ray/multi-messenger astronomy

at ICEHAP, Chiba University / ICRR, University of Tokyo (Chiba)

Koji Noda (

Event Details:

Thursday, August 31, 2023


ICEHAP, Chiba University / ICRR, University of Tokyo

Job description

The successful candidate will work with Dr. Daniela Hadasch for the MAGIC and CTA projects, and will perform physics analysis with multi-year experimental data of MAGIC and CTA Large Size Telescopes (LSTs). He/ She will conduct research in multi messenger astrophysics focussing on variable and transient sources in the gamma-ray sky. Since CTA is a quite large international project, applicants with an international mind are strongly encouraged.


Contract: 3-year contract, which should start from October 2023 at earliest. The applicant should have a PhD degree when she/he starts the position. Salary is a competitive one compared with similar opportunities in Japan. 

The deadline of the application is 31 Aug 2023 (Japanese time). The selection is done with the application documents, followed by interviews if needed (can be online on request). 

The following application documents should be sent to each of the Academic Online Jobs sites 
 - CV 
 - Publication list
 - Research plans, including starting date (max. 2 pages)  
 - 2 reference letters



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